Vivienda en Calle Johann Sebastian Bach 7


Project: Vivienda en Calle Bach 7

Architects: Jose Antonio Coderch, Manuel Valls Vergés

Completion: 1958

Location: Barcelona

Floors: 7

Number of homes: 12

Façade materials: Glass, brick, wood




The apartment building by Coderch and Valls situated on C. Johann Sebastian Bach and is a great reflection of their early works. These architects had previously mostly done rennovations and residential dwellings which is shown in their inherent understanding in the way of living of the targeted client. The swooping 7 floors of this builidng hosted large upperclass family apartments with a private lift access for each. This load bearing structure is wrapped in brick and glass, as well as wooden louvres. These simultaneously allow for sound insulation, sun protection, ventilation and privacy, changable individually by their owners.010

Seperated from its neighbours by two lateral gardens this building hosts commercial spaces on the ground floor. Over the 7 floors is maintained a traditional distribution of space with four apartments per floor and a penthouse on the upper level. In the middle lies a patio with the purpose of ventilating the utility rooms of each apartment. As the lateral sides do not host anything exceptional, each apartment placed on each corner of every floor has two balconies, each on opposite façades working with the previously mentionned louvers to act as light sources and ventilation. This builidng was especially applauded for its distribution and practicality based on the needs of the resident, using private accesses and offering long diagonal visuals withing each dwelling.


It is important to do this kind of structural study for the continuous assessment done throughout this part of the course to better understand which element is which. I find this building to be interesting in its simplicity and complete symmetry throughout as well as the use of lower levels as residential space.





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