1. Lumion is just so mmmmm
  2. Illustrator too, why does Adobe have to exploit price-setting power in a monopoly system so much and why can’t the trial be longer than one week.


The idea in mind of myself and my new group partner was something clean, professional, and crisp. where things were aligned, clearly distinguishable, organised, tidy. Apparently scale and dimension lines were a no which seemed new to everyone in the group until past the submission date seeing as many did that mistake. On the plus side the renders we did were straight-up pretty, the sun was correct, the building was given more value than ever before, and a nice set up along with a great video that should be in the folder. The concept in mind for the display of this panel was to avoid tacky and kitsch, this is to say, not using three different fonts, solid colour backgrounds, »jazzy fonts », « brushstroke » style boxes around titles, faded fonts, blurred images, the kind of things you’d imagine your least preferred great-aunt who always smells like mothballs to say looks « colourful » and « would look great next to [her] plate with the cats playing with yarn painted on » and your junior high arts teacher would rather go blind than see. Surprisingly enough, that style was more appreciated and more used than expected, but as long as I’m happy with what was actually correct, that’s what counts (literally).

P.S. It was at this moment that I realised there was never any place to wash in the house, no shower, no bath, not even an outdoor hose for the braver and more body-confident ones among us, in any of the submissions of the house, 3D or 2D. Nor was there ever any mention of this.






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